Cloud Migration Strategy

There is no question that IT is moving towards Public Clouds, however, for the foreseeable future there will also be the need for Private Clouds which, along with the network, will inevitably be managed by a service provider. nDivision works with organizations to assess its existing infrastructure and the applications that run on it, to determine the feasibility of moving some or all workloads to a Public Cloud. There are many considerations including price performance, latency, application design and compliance. However, typically, there will be low hanging fruit in terms of cloud migration, such as unified communications, test & development, and disaster recovery. nDivision works with the organization to create a high level strategy document, as well as more detailed short and medium term migration phases.


Enterprise Solutions

IT Operations has a constant backlog of projects to either upgrade existing enterprise solutions or deploy new solutions. Scarce resources have to be focused on maintaining the existing solutions or improving them, and therefore innovation has to take a back seat. nDivision has a wide range of expertise across all the major technology disciplines, and through its Managed Services practice has a vast amount of experience in bringing environments up to best practices. In many cases, IT Operations’ backlog is either overwhelming or it simply doesn’t have the skillsets/experience to tackle a project that is a one-off. nDivision works closely with IT Operations to scope out the project, and in the majority of cases is able to provide a fixed price proposal to carry out the engagement.


Infrastructure Deployment

Even with the inevitable journey to the cloud, there will be infrastructure that will need to be deployed at the datacenter, remote locations or across the network. nDivision works with IT Operations to determine the Minimum Viable Technology (MVT) for the requirement, so that organizations don’t spend more than they need to, or buy into features and functions that don’t provide worthwhile business value. nDivision can then handle the end-to-end process as needed, including procurement, warehousing, staging and deployment.

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